If you're running a business or just a hobbyist, building an effective website to promote that business or to showcase your gallery can make a huge difference in increasing sales, responsiveness and viewer satisfaction.


Prior to closing my business, I used this site to provide a background for the goods and services that I offered.  I tried to highlight the most important features of the business and the hobby.  I thought of the website as a kind of portal,  giving visitors the information they sought at a glance, and offering many links and photos to draw them into the rest of the site. 


I used the home page to offer sale items as wells as current information for Veterans, weather and science.


If you see anything that you might be interested in, let me know.  I can recommend someone for the job and even offer my advice and some volunteer work.


My name is Rick LoDico.  I have a very well equipped basement workshop with 1200 square feet of workspace.  It provides plenty of space for all of my machines and room to manufacture parts and build custom furniture and other items for sale or gifts. 

THE Woodnaut

Rick LoDico